Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Tale Of Two Cities

Justice -injustice
A stones throw away 
from skyscrapers dwarfing trailer parks, slums and barrios  
Wedges separating invisible walls of damnable disparity 
existing in these united states of America
A tale of two cities
Affluence, the overt  privilege of pomp and circumstance 
poverty, the covert compromised containment
curtains wafting in ballooning sweat of abject discrimination 
distrust brewed in cauldrons  of money hungry think tanks
and piranha politicians 
red, white, blue blasphemy, heresy, hypocrisy 
justice - injustice
somersaulting on monkey bars and see-saws 
measured morality, a festering sore
spreading nationwide in a cottonmouth anus
of liberal defecation 
justice - injustice
haves and have-nono   classes
clashing mid penile disruptions 
give and take oracles smothered in mythological mishmash
and mayhem  
dis-serviced to those not protected and served 
trashed in sanctimonious bowels of righteousness 
liberty is death on skid row's urine curbs
where cardboard condos and tent tenements
tease prosperity, a stones throw away from technocrats
and neohippies masquerading as Janus-face harlequins 
on the bridge of sighs overlooking the trail of tears 
in these United States of America
a tale of two cities embodied in justice and injustice
gated communities as are museums and prisons 
unlikely duets, urban and suburban, like waltzes and break dancing
legal prescribed barbiturates pairing off with meth and crack cocaine
millions refusing  to face the nation less likely to meet the press
or have a say so in the mandate  of mediocrasy
freeloaders, boot-licking parasites taking crumbs from the hungry
to feed the few
red-lining and racial profiling 
Sodom existing in high rises and luxurious lofts 
Gomorrah  in the bowels  of abandoned warehouses and garages
asbestos ceilings and lead based painted rooms
a tale of two cities
equal and unequal -justice and injustice
nano-surveillance on keyholes and pinheads  



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thus Said the Lord: I AM THAT I AM

OMnipotent, OMniscient, OMnipresent -
Without equal  and unblemished
as are snowflakes  and solar flares, 
fire and smoke.
Aumnipotent, Aumniscient, Aumnipresent,
Perfect, without kind and likeness,
as with cobwebs and shadows
auras and raindrops.
Aum-Ah, Aum-Ah, Aum-Ah:
Ah-life, Ah-joy, Ah-pain, Ah-death
Om-Ah, Om-Ah, Om-Ah,
Ah-triumph, Ah-surprise, Ah-pleasure.
Sure as lightening and grains of sands,
 Above and beyond comprehension,
Spotless and sacred:
yAHveh, brAHma, allAH.
Thus said the Lord:  I AM THAT I AM

Saturday, September 15, 2012

To Kevin Christopher Navarro (Little Horse) (Ode)

When the bugle sounds
and leaves abandon trees
and the passage of time
traipse beyond finite reality,
REJOICE. Possibly,the barrier
separating life from death
is not so bad, but a blessing
in disguise.
You have hurtled this illusive sphere
of physical nakedness, shape and form,
where judgmental shadows
do a danse macabre in the background on
phantasmagorical spider webs.
Your wholeness and knowledge remain
in unknowable and undeniable dimensions
free of weighty and backlash baggage
amassed over time by thoughts and deeds.

You are alive forevermore  

in the system of my pulsations,
vibrations and inhalations.
our destiny is renewed and begins
because a pow wow never ends.

Friday, October 14, 2011


She's not that pretty
She's far from being ugly.
She's kinda in between,
She's not that chubby,
She's far from being skinny,
She's kinda in between,
She's not that smart
She's far from being dumb
She's kinda in between.
O, how I love her,
Can't do without her,
She's my love supreme.

She's not that rich,
She's far from being poor,
She's kinda in between,
She's not that bossy,
She's not passive,
She's kinda in between
Oh, how I love her,
truly adore her
She's my peaches and cream,
She's my love supreme.

She's my angel
She's my heaven
She's my earthly queen
She's so insightful,
She's delightful
She's my love supreme,
She's my love supreme

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Rape (Poem )

The night was drenched in blackness,
only fireflies and cat eyes witnessed
the life and death struggle taking place
in a garbage littered alley. A purse emptied
of contents: lipstick, mascara and money
evidenced splattered blood. High-heeled shoes,
seemingly, toed each other. A scuffle accompanied
by pants and moans, punctuated
a deafening silence.

The woman's eyes, bruised and blank,
lips smeared with the corpuscle of victory
tasted bits of flesh along ridges of her gums.
and between her biting teeth.
The stickiness of blood stained her palm and fingers
She dared not engage the dead man's face

who had tried to rape her
as she pulled the knife from his chest.